Thank you for visiting Geven at AIX Hamburg 2016

The Aircraft Interiors Expo in Hamburg plays host to one of the largest dedicated display of aircraft interior products and services, welcoming over 1,500 attendees to Hamburg on 5-6-7 April 2016.

Geven used the exhibition to its fullest by introducing to the public its brand new Economy Class seat model “Essenza” and the new long haul Economy class / Economy Plus seat “Elemento”. Displayed on Geven’s exhibition floor were also the Premium Economy “Comoda AQ” , the Business Class seat “Bacio” and “Sofa”, Geven’ solution for a good night’ sleep in Economy Class .
An important aspect of the Aircraft Interiors Expo experience for exhibitors is to have a concrete connection between what is being displayed on the exhibition floor and what is being discussed about today’s complexities in the world of aircraft interiors. The airlines face a tremendous challenge in gaining their customers’ loyalty in this day of extra fees and smaller spaces when traveling. Therefor it is difficult for the airlines to find happy, satisfied travelers these days, but Geven’s new seats were conceived exactly for that purpose: Essenza and Elemento’s new primary structure design aim to maximize shin and knee clearance and optimize the weight performances, offering air travelers superior ergonomics, better space management and improved comfort experience.

All throughout this year’s exhibition in Hamburg, Geven’s new products attracted serious interest from many Major League Airlines.

The cozy underground lounge and bar of Geven’s exclusive Stand provided a welcoming and fun atmosphere for attendees who mingled, chatted and waited for the day’s meetings to begin. The increased number of meetings that took place during the show with Geven’s team of Engineers, Sales and Marketing experts, offered delegates and clients dedicated attention and a detailed presentation of the product’s main features and unique selling points.

The event was a success and Geven would like to thank all the customers, partners and friends in the aviation market for visiting the stand, for all the sincere interest expressed for its products and for the precious moments shared with all of the Geven’s team on the booth.

We look forward to seeing you again soon!