Lavatory L859


A WC unit with flushing facility and enclosed by a rigid cover.
Service panel equipments (selectors, rinse/fill ball valves, toilet drain valve, level sensor and level indicator)
Electrical valves for rinse/drain/overflow lines
Manual valves for hot and cold water distribution
A wash basin of corrosion resistant steel, with water supply and a drain plug
Fresh and waste water tank
Provision to supply hot and cold water to the adjacent Galley (upon request)
A waste bin with a self-closing lid
Automatic fire extinguisher
A mirror
A handle
Two paper roll holders
A soap dispenser
Tissue dispensers
Lighting (dimmable and controlled by the door lock) and emergency light
An attendant call
A water heater
A water pump
Provision for an emergency oxygen container
Electrical Shaver outlet
An air supply
An air extraction inlet connected to the air extraction system of the aircraft.
Decorative film outside
Decorative film inside
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