Lavatory L1179


Self contained, electrically operated flushing system toilet unit, with external ground servicing / overboard drain system.
Fresh water tank
Waste water tank
Wash basin
Water faucet
Drain system
Mirror with illumination
Compartment lighting
Smoking prohibition placard inside and on the outside of lavatory as casr/far/cs 25.853
Ashtrays located inside and outside of the lavatory as casr/far/cs 25.853
Amenities containing dispensers for toilet paper, toilet seat cover, paper towels, paper cups, air sickness bags, sanitary napkins, and soaps
Passenger address speaker
Accessories including coat hooks, and assist handle
Attendant call button and a “return to seat” lighted sign
Automatic fire extinguisher system in waste compartment as casr/far/cs 25.854
An orient able air gasper for fresh air outlet.
Provisions for a smoke detector system and cover as casr/far/cs 25.854.
Electric power outlet for electric razor (115-220 vac/60hz)
Locked door with “lavatory occupied” indicator and lighted signs.
Floor mounting fitting and upper mount provisions (as applicable).
Magazine rack
Decorative film outside
Decorative film inside
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