Piuma Sofa takes off as “Cosy Joon”, the new family travel solution launched by Air France’s Joon fleet

Geven is proud to announce that Joon has finally equipped every A340 of its fleet with four rows of Piuma Sofà model, a total of 16 pax per airplane. Piuma Sofà is an innovative concept “made in Geven” and certified to 16 g in 2015.

Piuma Sofà is an evolution of the Piuma model. The main characteristic is that a couple of adjacent seats can be converted in to little beds for children. Piuma Sofà model’s weight is quite similar to the Piuma, 46 Kg for a double Piuma Sofà version, instead of 41 kg for the double basic version Piuma.

Piuma Sofà does not simply offer to children more room where playing or slipping during the flight, but it represents a new travel experience for the entire family.
Since the initial stage of the Piuma Sofà project, Geven’s aim has been to develop an innovative comfort solution for the economy class cabins, suggesting an alternative way to fly!
Indeed, Geven’s intent is to provide its customers with an original solution to satisfy young passengers’ needs.

Joon, the millennial airline by Air France, has embraced new Geven concept and has enthusiastically supported the project, promoting a customized version with a brand new name, Cosy Joon.

Seats are installed at a pitch of 32 inches, even if the minimum pitch setting required by this model is 30 inches.

Piuma Sofà is functionally thought also for the crew members. Indeed, in few seconds and with few steps, a member of the crew is able to remove the foam-padded headrests placed on the seat pairs and to connect them to the seat pan level. An additional and dedicated seat belt ensures a safety flight in horizontal position.