Piuma Sofà, a bed on a budget

Who says you can’t sleep in Economy?

With our new internationally patented “Piuma Sofà”, Geven, the Italian Passenger Seat Manufacturer is ready to take bets!

The simple mechanism, lightweight, easy to install and use, “Piuma Sofà”, is a brand new way to create ancillary revenue for the airlines by allowing them to offer the innovation and luxury of full lie-down sleeping accommodation in the Economy Class section of the cabin!

Absolutely undetectable to the eye when in seat mode, the “Piuma Sofà”, takes under 30 seconds to convert to “sleeper sofa” mode, whilst the sofa device in its stored position in no way reduces leg, under seat stowage, or foot room.

The sofa creates no extra thickness to seat pans, does not alter seat comfort, does not add to or pose any obstruction to routine cleaning and adds no great amount of extra weight. In fact, Geven is confident that the patented Piuma Sofà design is optimised with respect to weight giving the product a strong and lasting intrinsic advantage over the competition.

With the “Piuma Sofà”, not only does the sleeping position become possible but with ample room for the restless sleeper to toss and turn as well.

Post booking empty seats can, in this manner, be monetized and this can happen as late as once all passengers are on board and seated.

Having the Geven “Piuma Sofà” on board can be the differentiator you’re looking for: affordable beds in Economy! Not a matter that can be taken “lying down” – or can it?