Geven is approved to carry out:

Static and Dynamic Tests in accordance to the following regulations:

  • TSO/ETSO C39b (NAS809)
  • TSO/ETSO C127a (AS8049A)
  • FAR/CS 25.561 & 25.562,AC 25.562 -1a
  • Our Dynamic test facilities are FAA approved

Flammability Tests in accordance to the following regulations and industry standards:

  • CS/FAR 25.853, Appendix F Part I (vertical 12/60) and Part V (smoke density test)
  • BOEING COMPANY BSS7238/39 (Smoke Density and Toxicity) in accordance with the prescriptions of AIRCRAFT MATERIAL FIRE TEST HANDBOOK n. DOT/FAA/AR-00/12.

Life Cycle Tests in order to comply with the following industry standards:

  • SAE AS8049B