We are today one of the major world players in the aeronautical sector and our goal is to became an innovator manufacturer investing in Capacity and Capabilities

In Geven we look at the future through:

  • Targeted investments to protect our competitive success factors;
  • Constant/ daily commitment;
  • Active participation of our employees is essential to our values;
  • Shared decision making;
  • Attention to the needs of our Customers;
  • Expansion of our group through new and dedicated organizations and companies, specialized in dedicated sectors (GEMEC, SKYTECNO, LOGYSTIC, FSC).

Our Mission is therefore:

  • To maintain in the long-term our leading position in the field;
  • To preserve the reputation of high regard earned internationally thus far as a reliable, flexible and customer aware supplier;
  • Keep a cutting edge on innovation and new product concepts;
  • Exceed the expectations of our customers via assessment of individual needs based both on specific operational standards and new market trends;
  • Follow our products through with a caring and efficient, as well as tailored support of our products throughout their lifetime.