Geven had survived as one of the three remaining vendors on the Airbus SA BFE Catalogue, and the dedicated-to-Airbus Family for Single Aisle and Wide body Geven seats has grown to include:

Piuma” our Economy class seat with a great ergonomic awareness in design;
Piuma EVO” which is our feather weight champion;
Piuma CVS” for maximum class arrangement flexibility,
Piuma AQ” for high density long-haul aircraft

and the fascinating designated “Comoda”, top in class design and comfort single aisle business class seat.

In addition to the existing product line including:
Breeze” Business Class with a full array of options;
Slim Economy Premium” for wider pitch applications;
Slim High Density HD” conceived for the more restricted pitch conditions;
and “Slim CVS” for maximum class arrangement flexibility.

All the above seat models are available in full IFE integration and dressable in fine Italian Leather of every possible hue.