LUFTHANSA Group selects Geven to equip its Continental fleet (Airbus A320 & A321) with new Economy Class seat ESSENZA

Lufthansa Group has selected the new Geven ESSENZA seat model for its hub airlines Austrian Airlines, Lufthansa and SWISS A320 and A321neo fleet. The selection of the new seats form GEVEN is part of a larger cabin design modernization project that Lufthansa Group is undergoing as part of its development and growth plan.

The ESSENZA seat with the exclusive and dedicated customization path for Lufthansa Group’s hub airlines shall be delivered in fifty (50) ship-sets for either A320 or A321neo. Deliveries shall start  from Q4 2018 and shall last till 2022. The first aircraft en route with the new seats is expected during the first half of 2019.

ESSENZA seats shall be delivered with different trim and finish variants  (Lufthansa, Swiss Airlines, Austrian Airlines) to customize the seat in accordance to the design scheme of each of the airlines composing the Lufthansa Group hub airlines. It is the very first time that a seat is selected for equipping aircraft across the different airlines of the Group.

The enthusiasm regarding the project has just had its “exploit” under the Messe roof where, at the Geven’s booth, the two companies held today a press conference disclosing to the public some details on the partnership between them. Representatives from both Companies have not simply reported the main points of the project but also highlighted the outstanding and enthusiastic spirit the two are working together with, since months in a perfectly integrated team. Indeed, GEVEN and Lufthansa Group have worked closely with a joint team approach starting from the early developmental phase of the new seats in order to create a unique seat design.

“Lufthansa Group is an high demanding and meticulous customer but also an ideal partner for developing new products and solutions to their passengers worldwide and ultimately to the aviation industry” declared Alberto Veneruso, GEVEN Managing Director. “Lufthansa Group is well known for paying high attention in the selection of its partners. Since the early stage of negotiation phase they made several audit activities and required a huge amount of details and data that have been carefully analysed. For those reasons, have been selected for such an important project, makes Geven extremely proud. Even more important, Geven has been finally chosen for this relevant project despite this is actually the very first remarkable cooperation with Lufthansa Group –  keep saying Veneruso –   “thus this is a signal for us to believe we are moving in the right direction”. The two companies have so far experienced a win-win cooperation, based on the long experience of Lufthansa Group as buyer of passenger seats and Geven willingness to provide the most possible tailor-made product.   Lufthansa Group’s experience have been very valuable and precious in supporting Geven for the development and improvement of the seat design, performance and comfort. “We have made and will keep making all the possible to develop a fully customized product incorporating all the features based on Lufthansa Group’s specific needs and expectations as well as guarantee them a long-term support aimed to achieve a continuous improvement and deliver an outstanding customer support service” Veneruso confirms.

Paul Estoppey, Head of Product Cabin Lufthansa Group reports: “The cooperation with Geven went very well. Due to the combination of seat manufacturer know-how and our customer perspective, we have jointly developed a great seat that is both technically and ergonomically state-of-the-art.”

Geven is really keen on the friendly and collaborative approach adopted by Lufthansa Group (an integrated team of professionals composed by specialists coming from the different airlines of the Group). According to Geven, this is the best way to make a good job, leading to offer to the customers much more, optimizing time and efforts.

Again Veneruso explains: “Geven’s development team has proven to be highly responsive when called to meet and satisfy the “never ending” [he smiles while saying that] Lufthansa Group list of requirements, sometimes also with  the need of re-discussing and requiring some deviations proposed by us even with work already in progress. I realised that this attitude to flexibility has been appreciated a lot by the company as something they were not used to receive so far”.

Looking in more detail at the selected seat, Lufthansa Group found in the ESSENZA the right “ingredient” for improving passenger flight experience on its continental fleet. The appealing Italian style and the opportunity to suggest and implement its own vision and brand image during the design stages played an important role on the Lufthansa Group perception and final decision.

ESSENZA market mission is to maximize passenger comfort, reduce weight and improve service life and overall cost of ownership. ESSENZA is suitable for a range of pitches ensuring a very good comfort also for taller people. Indeed ESSENZA main features are: a new primary structure design to maximize shin and knee clearance and optimize weight (7.9 kg for a fully dressed seat) and generous arm-to-arm width larger than 18”.

ESSENZA also incorporates two remarkable innovations in its main structure on the backrest and the bottom cushion. The backrest is made of a single piece carbon fibre with both structural and aesthetical functions. Thanks to this special design no additional fairing or plastic shrouds are necessary and only the foam and the cover are added, resulting in a lower number of parts to be managed and lower weight to be carried. Same philosophy has inspired the bottom cushion that is installed directly on the seat beams via Velcro and perform both structural and comfort functions allowing to make inspection and maintenance activities in an easy way.