Italy meets Ireland (not only on the soccer field)

The Sukhoi SSJ100 Superjet has arrived in Europe with CityJet of Dublin as the lead customer and is now welcoming the Irish team on board to get its players around for the Euro 2016 soccer tournaments.

Some of the players on their way to their next match took the time to take a “selfie” on board (see the picture below) making themselves comfortable on Geven’s seat design “C9”.

Geven had the pleasure to provide its seats, made with an exquisite Italian appeal, to the new generation of ‘passenger friendly’ regional jets, as mentioned by the Article from BTNews of June 20
(read the full article here:On Tour: Initial impressions. Sukhoi SuperJet):

“The seats, covered with Muirhead leather, are by Geven, the Italian specialist based in Naples with a host of well-known airline customers. The centre armrests come up, making the aircraft particularly suitable for passengers with a large girth.”

After last match at the EURO 2016 tournament where The Rep. of Ireland scored one goal against Italy, we think the Irish team could have benefited from a wave of good fortune by flying with Geven’s Italian seats!
We hope it does the same to every passenger on board (however we hope none of them have a match against our Italian team on the green field the same day, we wouldn’t like to lose any other match)!