Geven ESSENZA seat on new Flynas A320NEO fleet (# 60 a/c)

Largest Saudi Arabia low-cost carrier Flynas has selected the new  Geven ESSENZA seat model  to equip its upcoming A320NEO aircraft.

Flynas will undergo a large fleet renewal project as part of its development plan and has firmly ordered to Airbus  #60 brand new A320NEO. Deliveries shall start form Q3 2018 and shall last till 2026. The airline form Saudi Arabia also has options open with the Franco-german manufacturer for additional #20 aircraft.

Geven ESSENZA seat shall equip Flynas A320NEO cabin with a configuration of 174 passenger in a single economy class layout. Flynas new cabin configuration shall also feature Convertible seats in the first four rows, in order to offer a more comfortable “business class” seat accommodation when center place is not occupied and shall be equipped with a custom made cocktail table.

ESSENZA, which in Italian means essence, is Geven’s new Economy class seat and has been conceived in two different variants: pre-reclined for high density configurations and a reclinable one (up to 6 inches) in order to extend the product flexibility and guarantee a wider range of options for all Customers’ needs. Both seat variants are born from to maximize the aspects of comfort, weight and service life.

ESSENZA shall boast its remarkable light weight and its comfortable but harmonized dimensions of 18.3 inches (seat width between armrests) and it is a qualitative leap forward in the seating industry nowadays.

ESSENZA’s main features are: a new primary structure designed to maximize shin and knee clearance and to optimize the weight performances; introduction of light weight cushion in combination with high ergonomic seat design to guarantee high comfort level at a minimum weight without compromising the durability requirements; special ultra slim backrest design to significantly increase the knee clearance at the shortest pitch.

ESSENZA comes with a vast variety of standard options, such as: customized central seat place width, different headrest options, double lower literature pocket (to increase storage space), high storage compartment for additional personal belongings, various Bring Your Own Device options, quick release fitting, plug-in table for convertible seat and of course a USB/ISPSS integration. Also color of plastics and dress cover’ materials (fabric/ leather) can be fully customized, among a wide variety of off-the-shelf choices.

Flynas and Geven have also partnered on another important seating project consisting of retrofitting the current #11 Flynas A320CEO fleet with brand new Geven seat PIUMA EVO. Geven has engaged in a very short flow and low lead-time project with Flynas envisaging deliveries starting from Q4 2017 and allowing the airline to benefit of the new and more conformable cabin since the current 2018 winter season. This additional project awarded to Geven underlines an even stronger relationship between the two companies, framed in a long lasting perspective of partnership and is aimed to create value to the airline industry and ultimately to Flynas passengers.