Geven and the CASTLE project in Clean Sky 2 Programme

The proposal “Cabin Systems design Toward passenger welLbEing” –CASTLE – has been presented by a consortium of 11 partners on the call H2020-CS2-CPW02-2015-01 (Activity: AIR-02-08), published in collaboration between Leonardo Aircraft and Dassault Aviation. The consortium is composed by 7 industries and SMEs and 4 research organizations and Geven is proud to be the project coordinator.

CASTLE is part of the Clean Sky 2 Programme (CS2). CS2 programme has been launched under H2020 with the aim to support further gains in environmental impact, to support new mobility for EU citizens and to reinforce the global competitiveness of the European aeronautics industry and its supply chain.

Aimed by these goals, CASTLE Consortium works for developing an improved and optimized passenger cabin environment, both for regional aircraft and business jet. Regarding the regional aircraft, the main aim is to develop new design solution, focusing on ergonomics and anthropometry issues and to reduce the noise and the effects of vibration on the passenger. Regarding the business jet, the aim is to increase the passenger’s well-being and efficiency, both turning the travelling time into effective productive time.

Project beneficiaries are: Geven (Italy); Acumen Design Associate LTD (UK); Invent GMBH (Germany); PGA electronics (France); Siemens Industry software NV (Belgium); Noesis (Belgium); DEMA (Italy); Italian Aerospace Research Center (Italy); University of Naples Federico II (Italy); University of Bologna (Italy); Polytechnic University of Turin (Italy).