Geven and PriestmanGoode unveil Elemento economy seat

Naples, Italy — August 6th, 2021

Geven and PriestmanGoode unveil Elemento economy seat, the first model of the Next Generation family line and design elements.

Geven and PriestmanGoode reveal the first new design in the range of next-generation aircraft seats created by the Italian seat manufacturer and the London-based design agency.
Elemento is part of the partnership’s project to create an entirely new line of next-generation seats, focused on innovative features that deliver enhanced passenger comfort and benefits, whilst allowing for maximum airline customization and easy configuration into different aircraft types.
The lightweight Elemento Economy class seat debuts with a host of features aimed at increasing passenger experience and comfort. The seat’s modular design allows for easier installation and integration of the most varied latest generation monitors and PED holders as well as ease of integration into both wide – and narrow-body aircraft.
The design language for Elemento and the rest of the next-generation family of seats is driven by key attributes:
Functionality, timelessness elegance, clean and sculptural contours, and a distinct nod to Italy’s unparalleled heritage of exquisite craftsmanship and design.

Features of the Elemento seat include:

  • Adjustable privacy headrest, to give passengers extra head support and comfort;
  • Integrated table lighting, providing passengers with discreet individual lighting to curl-up and read a favorite
    book, work, or watch a movie;
  • Bespoke woven dress covers featuring a pattern inspired by the Geven ‘V’, and/or airline personalized trim &
    finish to give the traveler that feeling of being in a special and exclusive environment;
  • Enhanced comfort solutions (patented wave system) for an unforgettable flight experience in maximum
  • Adjustable PED Holders, designed to accommodate all possible variants of Personal Electronic Devices
    carried on board by passengers;
  • Cocktail table for that drink that is a good accessory to any enjoyable flight;
  • Large passenger stowage compartments so that all those tiny but indispensable belongings that one must carry
    onto a flight can be neatly tucked-away during the journey
  • Quick installation fitting for ease of maintenance operations when needed.

The color palette was inspired by the Geven brand colors and the Italian coastline at sunset, with light grey seats, deep blue headrests and seat frames with red accents. This combination gives a fresh and clean visual chromatic experience with bursts of warmth. Bright whites have been used to highlight key features of the seats. Technical materials, like mesh, were chosen to keep the interiors contemporary and nod to Italy’s heritage of designing high performance vehicles. Sustainability was a key driver in the selection of finishes, and natural metal finishes were chosen to offer a more environmentally conscious approach, as well as reflect Geven’s mission to deliver honest, hardworking, exquisitely crafted products.

Pasquale Rapullini, Research and Development Manager at Geven says

We started this project with the aim to create the next generation passenger experience”.

The new family line embodies a strong emphasis on all those elements that make Italian style highly recognized all around the world.

Daniel MacInnes, Design Director at PriestmanGoode says

“Geven’s knowledge and passion for pushing the development of the seat allowed us to integrate higher levels of quality and finishes and will enable them to become the new class leaders with this family of next-gen seats. We developed bespoke materials and finishes, and a new style direction, based on clean integrated lines.
As aviation designers, it’s great to be working with Geven. We work with airlines and airframe manufacturers all over the world, so we know what it takes to customize a seat, we know what clients and passengers want and how we can add unique touches to a standard product to make it stand out. What we’ve created with this collaboration is a distinct product for Geven that will allow their clients to adapt and customize it easily to their own requirements. We’re delighted to see the first seat revealed.”

About Geven

Geven is an aircraft seats and interiors supplier based in Naples, Italy. Reliability, dedication and professionalism make Geven an undisputed and renowned player in the circle of great leaders in the aircraft seating and interiors manufacturing industry. By constantly innovating, and refining engineering acumen and industrial progress Geven continues to grow.

About PriestmanGoode

PriestmanGoode is a design studio dedicated to designing a better future. The London and China-based company specializes in human-centered design and improving customer experience on large scale projects in infrastructure, aviation, transport, hospitality and product design. Their work is used by millions of people around the world, every day.

Daniela Spinelli
marketing and communication manager

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