Essenza, a superlightweight solution for single aisle application

With the increasing demand for air transportation, and sophisticated passenger needs, aircraft cabin interiors have become the ultimate and most important item for airlines. The biggest problem, which airlines have to deal with, it is definitely space optimization, especially those reserved to economy class, where there’s a fine line between comfort and squeezing in as many passengers as possible, while remaining profitable without affecting aspects such as weight or fuel costs.

Undoubtedly, at present, the challenges in meeting market trends are essentially represented by weight reduction, comfort, ergonomics, living space and functionality at restricted pitch ranges plus a reduced cost of ownership and low expendable part count.

This is the reason why Geven continuously investigates new possible design and engineering solutions addressed to product improvements in accordance to those market trends. Constant focus is obviously first on Customer satisfaction, reliability and last but not the least, competitiveness in pricing and time to market.

This philosophy has brought us to the decision to continue our efforts in the evolution of our product portfolio.

In this endeavor, ESSENZA, our new economy class seat exhibited at last AIX HAMBURG show, is the result of intensive Geven R&D team’s studies and research in new technologies, processes and materials. As always, the comfort of final customers is front and center of our design process. We believe that, the ESSENZA seat represent a very significant upgrade in the economy class product line we offer.

ESSENZA implements substantial and radical innovative solutions at a high level of industrialization with a consistent step forward in style, innovation, technology, robustness, in-service life, comfort and flexibility of modularity options. ESSENZA is conceived in two different variants: pre-reclined, for high-density configurations with minimal options, and reclinable to extend the product flexibility in order to guarantee a wide strange of options for all Customers’ needs.

Besides a drastic weight reduction, the ESSENZA seat model is a real technological jewel. Thanks to an intensive studies by our R&D department, aimed at creating a fully functional and comfortable yankee class product, even at a short pitches (prohibitive 27” included), we were able to reduce to the minimum, by about 30-40% compared to our super featherweight Piuma EVO, the number of expendables present.

The ESSENZA provides a distinctive and unique visual and comfort experience never seen on an Economy Class cabin arrangement.

On the ESSENZA, each structural element have been critically optimized, from cushions and covers’ weight, to the backrest, ergonomically conceived, in order to increase the comfort of the backrest cushion, reduced in thicknesses, without any impact on comfort and with big advantages in terms of weight.

The seat primary structure is composed by an optimized number of components, realized in different and newer materials and technologies assembled together by standard minimized number of fasteners in few variants, allowing high performances with an optimum compromise between strength and deformations. The seat primary structure is also designed to enable easy cleaning of the cabin, as well as for the stowage of regular size hand luggage.