Comoda AQ, a nice upgrade dedicated to PEY

Given the market trend, to meet the constant demands of Airlines to expand their range of class cabin in order to provide a superior experience in all classes of travel, Geven has introduced a Premium economy to its family of seat. The new-born COMODA AQ, the Premium Eco Long Range version of its older sister Comoda B/C seat model for SA aircraft, will be a real upgrade over economy.

Comoda AQ can be installed on long-range aircraft family in 7-abreast or 8-abreast configuration, offering a generous 19.5” seat width for maximum passenger comfort while keeping a wide aisle well above the minimum dimensions requested by certification requirements.
IFE installation can vary from simple Audio-only to full-IFE with AVOD Systems. Backrest offers the necessary room for installing a monitor with up to 13” dimensions, while the first row can be fitted with in-arm video (max 12”).
In-Seat Power can be offered on the seat with both, USB or 115V AC outlets installed on the central console.
On the passenger comfort side, the recline can vary from a basic 6” up to 9” depending on seat pitch in order to keep an acceptable egress space. A four-way (or optionally a six-way) headrest can be fitted on each backrest, with rotating ears and 3” strike.
In-Arm Table has a dimension of 19”x9.5” in a single leaf configuration, offering the possibility to keep the amenity pockets on the central console sides. Meal table can have also the swivelling movement to ease the egress of the passengers.
The colours of plastics and armrests or cushions can be customized among a wide variety of off-the-shelf choices.